Here's some feedback I've received from customers on my Etsy feedback page that you may find helpful in making your purchase!

Archive Tote Bag

"I love this bag. I bought it ready to ship just before Christmas, got it very quickly, and have just gotten back from dragging it around Chicago for job interviews. The bag is very well made, beautiful, and so far has been very durable (it was my airplane carry-on, stuffed with all kinds of things including a laptop, then my interview bag/briefcase and purse). All of the handles work really well together too and it's one of those bags that is very roomy but also does well when there isn't much in there. Lots of love. Thank you!!" - Emma

"Gorgeous. This bag gets compliments everywhere I go :) The leather is soft and well-cared for. It fits my laptop, notebook, wallet, phone, etc, perfectly, without looking bulky. The front pocket is super-handy, too, especially since it's large enough to fit my iPad. The closures are super strong - I've been using this bag for a couple of months and the clasps have never come undone accidentally. I'm so in love with this bag - thank you so much :)" - Kathryn

"I have so many wonderful things to say, I don't know where to start! First, the bags I ordered (this and a Traveler) are absolutely gorgeous and very well made. The Archive is the perfect size for a work/laptop bag and the bottom seems to be very sturdy. Second, I cannot commend Jenny enough for her excellent customer service! The post office totally screwed up with my package, but Jenny was super kind, patient, and professional -- even when dealing with unhelpful postal employees. She definitely made the best of a very frustrating situation and was wonderful to work with throughout. The quality and customer service she offers are truly exceptional -- and I'll definitely be looking for an excuse to buy another one of her bags!" - Claire

"Thanks Jenny- the bag is beautiful! If anyone is thinking about making a purchase from Jenny, she was great to work with and the bag is fantastic. It came very quickly and it will be perfect dressed up or down. I was a little skeptical about whether the base would be firm enough for my laptop, but it is great." - Elizabeth

"My daughter received her gorgeous bag and has headed off to job interviews feeling quite stylish with her laptop tucked away in it! Thanks so much, Jenny!!!" - Christy

"The bag and this artist's customer service are perfect in every way. I'd had my eye on Jenny's bags for quite some time but never saw anything that was a good match for my style. The Archive is edgier and more urban/modern than the Ruche line and is a perfect match for the rest of my wardrobe. I will carry this bag for years and may well wear it which case I'll just have to come buy another! Great proportions, excellent quality. Thanks Jenny for being so responsive and for designing and producing such outstanding pieces! Love love love this bag :)" - Sarah


"Terrific buying experience. This bag is worth every cent. Incredibly unique in the design, quality of materials, and workswomanship. The process of communicating with Jenny was delightful and reminds you of the power and importance of being able to purchase handmade products in an incredibly mass-produced world. Don't hesitate... make the purchase. You won't be disappointed." - Shel

"Absolutely stunning bag. I have bought bags from Jenny before and her workmanship has always been great, so much so that I didn't think there was any room for improvement. However, Jenny proved me wrong - the workmanship on this bag is even more exquisite compared to my other bags from her. Plus, Jenny's customer service is second to none. She always answers my numerous questions patiently, and she has even helped me out with shipping costs many a time, simply because I have been a loyal customer. I am definitely a customer for life." - Wan


"This bag is the perfect size for everyday use. The leather is so soft, and I am happy that the snap closures are very secure - I don't have to worry about them coming undone! It will be the perfect travel bag in Italy this fall. High quality - would definitely recommend jennyndesign!" - Susie

"I'm going to chime in on all the other Packet-Lovers on here and say BEST BAG EVER. That's a giant statement, I know, but seriously, I just love it. Beyond the bag, though, Jenny is just wonderful to work with. I had some questions about the distressing on this leather and she was very quick to answer my questions and help me out. Thanks to her products and her service, she's won a customer for life!" - Sarah

"Love this bag! My kindle fits perfectly in the front pocket." - Jess

"I rec'd this super fast--thank you! The bag is everything I need out of a bag. It is a perfect size, I love the straps, the leather is very soft, and the color matches everything. The craftwomanship is amazing. Never again will I buy a factory store bag! Thank you, Jenny!" - Sheri

More Helpful Feedback

"Jenny went above and beyond by sending me leather swatches at no charge before I made my purchase. This was a beautiful, well made bag that ultimately just wasn't "me", so I returned it. Jenny was helpful and gracious during the process, and refunded me promptly. Her store policies are fair, her bags are beautiful: she is a great seller to do business with." - Laurie

"I have had the tan version of this bag "favorited" for a while now, and was nervous to order because I have returned several bags looking for just the right strap length, color, and overall feel. This bag is perfect! Not too heavy like some and high quality bag. Love it! Seller was great to work with and very professional. :) Color is very accurate." - Willow

"The bag is beautiful! There was a larger duty fee than I was expecting, but it is worth it. :) Thanks!" - Joanna

"I wasn't sure this was the right bag. I've NEVER spent this much on a bag. Jenny answered all my questions promptly and so far I love this bag! Thanks, Jenny!" - Denise

"This bag is really cute and well made, but the color wasn't for me. Seller had no problem with me returning it. Thanks!" - Katharine

"Seller is phenomenal! The bag is jaw-droppingly GORGEOUS and arrived safe and sound (and quickly) in its secure packaging. It truly is a work of art! So high-quality - you can feel the love and passion put into making it. Thousands of thanks!" - Katie

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