Giveaway: Jenny N. x Leather Hide Store (CLOSED)

*Update: Winner has been contacted; giveaway is closed!*

I am so excited to be partnering with a leather vendor near and dear to my heart, Leather Hide Store, to giveaway my top-selling Archive bag made with their beautiful Crimson Berry leather.  Crimson Berry is a silky-soft, richly multi-toned, luxurious Italian leather exclusively from Leather Hide Store.  It's gorgeous and is made to handle every day wear.  Isn't this just the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe?!

Leather Hide Store is a family-owned upholstery leather supplier, operating out of Hickory, North Carolina.  The owner, Hunter, and I have been working together for many years, since nearly the beginning of my shop!  

Vendor-maker relationships are fun and interesting - very different from a customer-maker relationships.  For instance, the depth and detail that goes into discussing leather colors, textures, thicknesses, finishes, and the amount of swatch shipping and back-and-forth emailing that happens before I can even decide on a leather hide.  

From my custom shop, you can clearly see that I'm a leather hoarder because I offer every color of the rainbow, but that's only a small fraction from what the Leather Hide Store offers.  Now you can only imagine the level of detail that goes into each discussion when I'm deciding between five different shades/variations of black before I find the perfect one for the shop!  :) 

Some of the more fun moments happen when a particular leather color becomes a big seller during the holidays, it turns into a frantic dance of inventory management for both of us.  Pair that with the fact that sometimes I'm not the best inventory manager (OK, I'm the worst.) and I run out of this particular color mid-order fulfillment because I often fail to realize how quickly a certain leather color is depleting.  Here's how it goes down: Hunter receives a panicked email from me requesting a small leather miracle ASAP, then he scrambles to accommodate my crazy.  (I'm still trying to improve on this, despite my husband's best MBA lectures on inventory management, I swear).  Nevertheless, it has been and continues to be a great adventure sharing insights and experiences of operating our small businesses with one another!

My relationships with my customers are very essential and dear to me, but those wouldn't be possible without the relationships fostered with my amazing vendors who provide high quality materials, customer service, and moral support along the way!  It's so great to officially collaborate with the Leather Hide Store on this giveaway.  This giveaway is in honor of our customers who have supported us throughout the years --we wouldn't be doing what we love to do without you.  Thank you! :)

Enter the giveaway here.

Check out the limited edition Archive in Crimson Berry.

Good luck!


  • Pat Meredith

    Love your bags & especially beauiful because they are made in USA!

  • Nikita

    I love love love this has been used as a diaper bag, laptop, everyday bag..and still looks awesome!

  • Rebeca Tolany

    I love your leathers, they’re very high quality for your prices.

  • Terry Thornburg

    Love the Leather Hide Store, great quality. A perfect fit with Jenny N Designs!

  • Kim

    Wow! This is so cool! Thank you for this opportunity!

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