Introducing: Hand Painted Monograms

I've been wanting to add gold and silver monogram options to my shop, but I really didn't want to invest in a machine to stamp gold or silver monograms onto my bags.  I wanted a more hands-on (hah!) approach to personalizing the monogramming process for my customers.


So I dove into the process of preparing to offer hand-painted monograms!

Then I realized the downside of typing so much...after I picked up a pen and started writing, I thought to myself, "How do I write again?"  I spent some weeks practicing my penmanship so that I could freehand each letter to prepare for painting.  (No stencils here. Boooring!  Except for a box shape I cut out so that my letters are all the same size.)

You can add a monogram onto any of my fully-leather bags by adding this listing to your cart along with your bag.  Or get a monogrammed keyfob in your favorite leather color (pictured above) here.

Having a tough time picturing what your bag will look like with a hand-painted monogram?  Message me and I'll send you a mock-up for your reference.

Already have a Jenny N. bag that you want to add a hand-painted monogram? Message me for details.

I hope you love this personalization option as much as I do! 


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