Customer Feedback

I am very fortunate to have a job where I receive constant feedback (mostly from the sweetest, most amazing customers!).  :)  With over 5,000 bags shipped out of my shop and counting, I've received quite a bit of feedback!  I've included some helpful ones below to help you in your decision-making:​ 


"Jenny, I have to tell you a story about how durable your bags are!  I have a five yr old son and last week when I was carrying the Packet, I accidentally poured his entire ICEE into my purse in a store!  I was so mortified that I left my son in the store to run to the bathroom to save the purse.  

I just wiped the interior down as well as the exterior leather and you would never know I spilled the blue ICEE!  That is a huge selling point and ultimately why I will only buy your bags from now on. :)" - Erica / Custom Packet


"Beautiful bag, exactly as pictured! Fits legal files but still appears feminine. Also, incredibly light. Seller was easy to communicate with and made and shipped the bag in a timely manner!" - Sarah / Archive

"Beautiful laptop bag. It stands upright on its own but the leather is soft.  Big enough to fit a laptop, charger, wallet, and several books without being too bulky. Shipping to Canada was painless- sent via USPS, transferred to Canada Post so no brokerage fee. Customs clearance fee was $25 CAD." - Robyn / Archive

"I am very happy with my Briefcase, thank you, Jenny! It arrived very promptly and was carefully packed. The leather is a beautiful red, not too bright, this will be a nice change from my brown bags. I like the shape of the bag, its "portrait layout" will be very convenient when I travel by public transport in town. It will carry my laptop computer very safely leaving plenty of room for a notepad and all the essentials. Jenny is a super designer and an excellent communicator!" - Beatrice / Briefcase

"This bag is unique! I wanted something classy and convenient at the same time. It is the only backpack that gives you a professional look for the office.*** If you order from Canada, make sure you are aware of the border fees.*** It was surprisingly expensive and I was not expecting it. Nevertheless, great service and quality!! Jenny was very helpful through the process. Thank you!" - Marie / Backpack

"Terrific buying experience.  This bag is worth every cent. Incredibly unique in the design, quality of materials, and workswomanship. The process of communicating with Jenny was delightful and reminds you of the power and importance of being able to purchase handmade products in an incredibly mass-produced world. Don't hesitate... make the purchase. You won't be disappointed." - Shel / Backpack

"Hi Jenny,  I just wanted to write to you and tell you how much I LOVE my new Onyx and Burgundy Packet.  It's beautiful! I received it last week and I have received nothing but compliments on the style, construction, and materials.  Thank you for a great transaction, and for putting out such a quality product." - Katie / Custom Packet 

"Oh my! This bag is absolutely lovely! Fits my 17" laptop perfectly, with just enough pockets for all my other odds & ends. Beautifully handcrafted, really stylish. Can't wait to show it off at work. Shipped quickly." - Rebecca / Custom Archive

"My husband laughed at me for buying a fanny pack, but I don't care. Because this is not your normal fanny pack. It's hip and ultra cool and holds my iphone 6 perfectly when chasing after our 2 1/2 year old. The fabric and stitching is very well done. Thank you, Jenny!" - Jenny / Traveler

"This bag is amazing! Both adorable and functional. The color combinations are gorgeous, it's completely unique, the craftsmanship is excellent, and I can tell Jenny really puts pride and love into her products and business. I got the cross body convertible option which takes this bag from awesome to perfect. I can literally carry it in any situation which, to a perpetual-bag-seeker like me, is the holy grail. Thanks Jenny! I'll treasure it." - Taryn / Custom Backpack Mini


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