Makers Co. Lab: Jenny N. x MargotBianca

I "met" Margot in December 2008 (just 8 months after I opened shop) when she was a featured seller on Etsy, and we've been working together ever since.  I use a lot of Margot's fabric for my bags, and often keep much of it for my own kitchen use. Wait.  Before I get ahead of myself, let me introduce you to Margot if you're not already a fan of her work. 

Margot makes beautiful functional batiks for her Etsy shop.  Operating out of her home in Bellingham, Washington, Margot dips custom-made copper stamps featuring her original art into hot melted wax, stamps the design onto undyed fabric, prepares a dye bath for each piece, dyes the fabric, boils the fabric to remove the wax, washes the fabric, presses the fabric, hems the fabric (for her finished goods), and prepares it for selling.   Like me, she's a one-woman operation.  She hand crafts each piece, from start to finish, by herself.  Also like me, she has a fur-baby who oversees the process (she has cats, I have a fat dog). 

When I decided to spend 2015 collaborating with my favorite artists, I knew I had to work with Margot again.  We've been "Etsy friends" for my entire handmade career, and every time we work together, it brings me (and many of our customers) so much joy.  It's rewarding for me to work with fabric that has been hand crafted with so much labor and love.  I get a little nervous cutting into the fabric.  I treat it a little more delicately.  The whole process from hot wax to hot press really adds that special handmade touch (even more so) to my bags.  It's really fulfilling to transform Margot's 2D art into a 3D sculpture that someone will wear on their shoulders!  

This spring, we're bringing you colors and prints that will rid your winter blues.  These fabrics are printed on organic linen featuring Margot's lillypad, wheat, and raindrop prints in basil, ecru, and turquoise.  They're neutral, muted, and perfect for spring (and beyond!).  I've incorporated her prints into the Foldover Clutch, newly-redesigned Traveler, and Wristlet!  Her fabric is reinforced with a sturdy upholstery stabilizer, so it's even more durable for daily wear!  

In addition to the new bags, I'm also offering some scarves from Margot's collection, exclusively in my shop!  They are light weight for the spring and pair beautifully with many Jenny N. bags.  I've actually paired a couple of scarves with bags for a special promotional offer. :)

I hope you enjoy what we've made for you!  Shop our collection here!  



p.s. If you're interested in a Custom bag with Margot's fabric, message me for details!


Behind the scenes images courtesy of MargotBianca --thank you! :) 

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