Turnaround: Made to Order Bags ~ 3 weeks; Face Masks ~ 2-3 days // I'm donating 10% of my total August revenue to ACLU because Black Lives Matter

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Face Masks

With the new CDC recommendation to wear fabric masks while in public to curb asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic spread of COVID-19, I've started offering fabric face masks in my shop. My face masks are made of tightly-woven, nonstretch, super-soft brushed cotton on the exterior and interior, a nonwoven cotton filter in the middle to help capture droplets one might otherwise aerosolize, and secured with elastic earloops. They're completely washable and reusable. Available in One Size Fits Most and XL, and 3 colors: Cloud Blue, Blush Pink, and Midnight Blue; all lined in Gray and stitched with Gray thread. Masks ship FREE within the US, no minimums:https://jennyndesign.com/products/face-mask Stay safe, stay physically-distanced! Love,Jenny

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Introducing: Phone Pouch Crossbody

As my phone size has been increasing over the years, my bag needs have been decreasing.  Except when I've got my toddler in tow --those outings call for my Ruche Mini to carry diapers, snacks, wipes, snacks, a change of clothes, snacks, sippy cup, ...and snacks. For the past week, I've been testing my new Phone Pouch Crossbody while going on errands and I love it!  It holds exactly what I need.   Is this what it feels like to be a man and be able to fit all of my essentials in a single pocket? I had to keep checking my side to make sure I had my purse with me because it felt like I wasn't wearing anything. It...

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Introducing: Hand Painted Monograms

I've been wanting to add gold and silver monogram options to my shop, but I really didn't want to invest in a machine to stamp gold or silver monograms onto my bags.  I wanted a more hands-on (hah!) approach to personalizing the monogramming process for my customers.   So I dove into the process of preparing to offer hand-painted monograms! Then I realized the downside of typing so much...after I picked up a pen and started writing, I thought to myself, "How do I write again?"  I spent some weeks practicing my penmanship so that I could freehand each letter to prepare for painting.  (No stencils here. Boooring!  Except for a box shape I cut out so that my letters are all the same size.) You can...

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