What is the difference between your official shop and your Etsy/Amazon shops? 

Since I save on commission fees for sales directly through my official website, I can offer even more for your shopping experience when you shop right here!  Like more leather colors, trim colors, lining options, etc.  Oh, and you get discounted shipping, too!


When will you have a sale?

I generally have a site-wide sale once per year around Thanksgiving.  Otherwise, you can find some ready to ship samples on sale here.


A bag from my favorite brand (that's not yours) has been discontinued.  Can you make their design?

No, I only make my own designs.  I recommend checking out the secondary market for your favorite brand bag. 

I have material that I would like transformed into a bag.  Can you do this?

Possibly, if it's a leather article of clothing, military uniform, or something sturdy.  Outside materials can only be used for the exterior "body" section of my custom bag collection.  The bottom/strap/handles must be made from my leather, and I use my own lining and hardware for construction.  If this works for you, message me, and we can discuss further! 


Does it really take you 2-3 weeks to make my bag?! 

Not exactly.  It takes me several hours to make your bag, but when I message you with the date your bag will ship, I've strategically added your bag to my sewing queue in a way that maximizes my efficiency as a one-woman operation.


I love your design, but can you make alterations to the dimensions?

No, I cannot.  Due to time and labor constraints (since I am a one-woman operation), I cannot alter any dimensions of my bags.  Fortunately, during my engineering studies, I've had a great deal of practice designing products to serve the greatest good to the greatest numbers, so each bag is designed with high utility in mind to best accommodate my audience to the best of my abilities.  You'll find that I offer a large variety of bag styles in many different sizes.  You can find my entire collection in the Custom Collection, which includes bag styles available exclusively for custom order! 

You have very few reviews on your website, can I find more reviews elsewhere?

Yes!  I've got over 4,000 bags floating around the world and have received lots of feedback that may help you decide.  You can check out some recent helpful reviews here, or check out the rest on my Etsy shop.  


I emailed you, and you haven't responded within your promised 24 hours.  Why?

In order to streamline my efficiency as a one-woman operation, I delete a lot emails that are obvious solicitations.  If you started your email with "To whom it may concern", "Dear Sir/Madam", or "Dear Sir", I've automatically deleted it without opening the email because someone clearly didn't read the first line of my About page!  

I'm not saying you need to write me a heartfelt letter (but really, I wouldn't mind if you did), but starting with a "Hi Jenny," and personalizing the content to show that you have done at least a little bit of research about my shop before soliciting will at least get me to open the email.


I'm looking for a particular color leather to go with my new jacket/shoes, do you have it?

Maybe!  I'm a leather hoarder (despite my husband's best efforts to control my spending), so I offer a lot of colors.  You can order swatches and compare them with your shoes here

Some of your bags are advertised as "man-friendly".  Are they really?

Of course!  My husband wears all of my man-friendly bags!  Whether he wears them because I've guilt-tripped him into it, or that he truly loves them, we'll never know.