Corporate Order

Becky messaged me asking if it was possible to make 26 Messenger bags in 5 weeks for a corporate event.  Of course, I was up for the challenge!

I extended my turnaround time so that I could fulfill the corporate order along with my normal flow of orders, then started gathering my materials and supplies. 

With this additional time and capital, it was the perfect opportunity to invest in the materials and tools necessary to finish my straps more professionally. The longer turnaround time gave me time to perfect this new skill of finishing leather edges, and start implementing it immediately!

Each strap now takes much more material and labor to paint and finish the strap/handle edges, but the end result is a far more professionally finished handmade bag. 

A small expense for a corporation can be a huge investment for a tiny business. 

For me, it led to a big improvement in my overall construction and quality of my products.  I'm so thankful that Becky found me and invested in me! 

You can see more details about this order here

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