Made to Order bags turnaround times:

I make each bag from start to finish in my home studio.  As a one-person operation, my turnaround changes depending on demand throughout the year. Here's what it generally looks like so that you can plan your orders accordingly! 

Feb - July:  2-3 weeks
Aug - Sep: 3-4 weeks
Oct - Jan:  4-6 weeks

I answer all product/order inquiries within 1 business day, so if I haven't answered your question submitted through my contact form, please send me an email at hello (at) jennyndesign (dot) com, to be sure I received it!   

I DELETE nearly ALL solicitation emails in order to streamline my operation.  If you are selling a service and I have not responded within 1 business day, you can remove my email from your correspondence list as your subsequent emails will automatically be deleted.