Ready to Ship bags ship in 1-3 business days.

Made to Order bags ship in approx 2-3 weeks.

I make each bag from start to finish in my home studio.  As a one-person operation, my turnaround changes depending on demand throughout the year. Here's what it generally looks like so that you can plan your orders accordingly! 

Feb - July:  2-3 weeks
Aug - Sep: 3-4 weeks
Oct - Jan:  4-6 weeks

I answer all product/order inquiries within 1 business day, so if I haven't answered your question submitted through my contact form, please send me an email at hello (at) jennyndesign (dot) com, to be sure I received it!   

I DELETE nearly ALL solicitation emails in order to streamline my operation.  If you are selling a service and I have not responded within 1 business day, you can remove my email from your correspondence list as your subsequent emails will automatically be deleted. 



Since the pandemic, I've been able to maintain my small business operation thanks to your support.  But not everyone is so lucky, so I've been giving to efforts that need help now more than ever. 

Here's what we've been able to give together so far:

$1000 - North Texas Food Bank
$500 - Breast Cancer Research Foundation
$500 - Feed the Children
$500 - Feeding America
$500 - NAACP Legal Defense Fund 
$500 - The Loveland Foundation
$500 - ACLU
$200 - The Trevor Project
$150 - OUT for Safe Schools
$100 - SAGE